Cult Athletics

Client Overview

Our client was aiming to, streamline management of various sporting events held at different places, and make it easily accessible for the users. Apart from this the client also wanted to keep track of the results of various events and also there mapping with many-to-many relations. There was also requirement to create different statistical reports, charts, graph of different competitions, athletes against their opponents thus providing every minute detail of the event. He also was interested in providing a video upload feature to the application which can be viewed by the users later. He was keen to implement these features both for sports and participants.



  • Registration & Social login.
  • My Account
  • Join competition
  • Can see all athletes profile & their results on leaderboard.
  • Can see Past and current competitions
  • Support

Web Admin

  • Manage full CMS pages.
  • Manage Competitions and Wods
  • Manage Payments
  • Manage Athletes
  • Manage Partners
  • Manage Region wise Competitions
  • Manage Boxes and Divisions
  • Support Mailbox

Technologies used:

  • Core php
  • HTML5
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • Data tables
  • Paypal and Stripe Payment Gateway

Challenges and approaches

  • Client wants to move the old admin structure into the new admin structure and flow and full functionality wants same.
    1. We made the new admin and categories the menus in different categories to make it more easy and accessible.
  • Client wants that user can update result as individual or as a team and result will reflect on leader board page on based on competition
    1. We made logic that when any event has been done and athletes update result then automatically would be create a default category named leader board and it results will be update on the page. In this situation other athletes can update result in different divisions and WODs.


The Cult athletics event system is easy-to-use web-based software which addresses every aspect of the event management lifecycle: from planning, marketing and registration to post-event analysis and event data management.

Supporting thousands of events each year, and providing you with the perfect event registration website, Cult athletes software is highly secure with flexible integration capabilities and licensing schemes that will suit your individual business need.

  • We ensure the client to have a highly available, high-performing front-end of the cult application.
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Onsite management of all event logistics.
  • Full event management and logistics
  • Higher sales efficiency through online ordering process which made the choosing of the right tag quick, easy and secure.