Client Overview

A man is incomplete until he is married. Marriage is recognition of spiritual identity. In a family if a boy or girl becomes marriageable, parents get worried about their marriage. They start looking for suitable match with the help of relatives, friends, pandits, and professionals of this field. And this way starts the long new search for suitable match.

Our Matrimonial Website Dulhemiyan.com is wonderful effort in this direction. It has a large, perfect, verified database of boys and girls to search from. From the ease of your house or office you can search for marriageable boys and girls for self and others and that too at a very little cost. Different types of searching methods make match making very easy and simple. We are using Latest technology and tools. Dulhemiyan.com team is always ready for personalized service support.

Business Requirement:

We are leading Matrimony Site in the online space in India. Our aim is to assist the eligible gentlemen and ladies to find their Jeevansathi. We are not one of those Indian matrimonial sites that act as a database for information storage, we are the place where you find your soulmate.

Our designers have played special attention in simplifying the user experience of the Matrimony Site. The main reason is both younger population and elder generation use our site. Most of them are not tech savvy but we make sure to provide them such platform that is easy to use. It helps them in searching for the perfect bride or groom for Arranged Marriage.



  • The registration is completely free
  • The members have scope of inserting different essential information
  • Assisted matchmaking for the perfect partner
  • Wedding organization services
  • Participate in Online matrimony meet events
  • Counseling services
  • Membership
  • Searching

Challenges and approaches

Business Challenge: All the leads on Dulhemiyan.com get generated online. The hub model was not convenient for people who wanted to talk to individuals and wanted personal meetings with Dulhemiyan.com representatives. So, Dulhemiyan.com started Shaadi centers across the country. Each Shaadi centre had a centre manager and 3-4 sales people. The leads would get allocated to the agents in the CRM system of the nearest Shaadi Centre from where the leads were generated. The agent would call these leads manually through fixed line. There was no way of tracking the lead until the agent would enter the details into the CRM system. The Dulhemiyan.com head office had no visibility of how the leads were being handled. They also wanted to enable outbound calling through the CRM system so that the agent was forced to enter the details of the lead into the CRM system.

Solution: We also did some API integration, which enabled the agents to log into the CRM system and make direct calls to the leads/customers. With solution, the agent can see the lead on the CRM system and can call directly by clicking on the “Call Now” tab. Cloud Agent takes care of dialing both the agent and the customer to establish 2 way connectivity. After the call is over, the agent has to fill up the details of the lead in the CRM system and we send all the call data into their CRM system including the call recording. Now, Dulhemiyan.com management has a 360 degree view of what is happening to the lead and the response time to handle the lead.