Feather & Bone

Client Overview

When I was 12 years old, my skin began to react poorly to store bought face wash products. But, I could not find a solution to achieving clear, fresh skin with products that were available in the market.

After much research and testing, my mother suggested an all natural, herbal remedy, which she mixed herself. Not only did this clear my skin, but I also became increasingly interested in perfecting her formula to achieve the ultimate every day face wash.

The result is Face Gems, a three ingredients, single use, travel friendly tablet that empowers and rejuvenates the face each and every day. Face Gems strips away the stresses of your day and leaves you with the clean, natural version of yourself.

Business Requirement:

At Feather & Bone our goal and mission is for men and women to feel empowered by who they are as individuals and embrace their inner weird and authenticity. Our products help bring back the authentic you. A rebirth of you, so strip down to the bare your Feathers and Bones and start your journey with us - orange is the new you.

Feather & Bone is an inventive, fresh and unique personal care company. We are dedicated to the creation of fresh product solutions uniquely for you. At Feather & Bone our mantra is INDIVIDUALITY and AUTHENTICITY.



  • Registration & Social login.
  • My Account
  • Your Favorite face gems delivered automatically.
  • Manage frequency and quantity online.
  • Email reminder before each delivery.
  • Subscriptions
  • Cancel easily at any time
  • Big Basket

Web Admin:

  • Manage full CMS pages
  • Manage orders and subscriptions.
  • Manage Customers and their reviews
  • Manage analytics
  • Manage press and blogs

Technologies used:

  • Code igniter ( php MVC framework )
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • MySQL
  • Data tables ( jQuery client library )
  • Stripe payment.

Challenges and approaches:

The challenge that were faced during the planning & implementation of the online coupon in feather and bone which would provide the businesses a platform to showcase their services and provide discount coupons for purchase which can be used by the customers in availing the services of feather and bone.

  • It was difficult to present the idea to the businesses of asking the customers to purchase coupons and avail discounted services from the participating vendors. It also helped in the publicity as the coupons on the website were proposed to be allowing sharing over social media.
  • The deals and coupons to be made available had to be authentic & valid. The reputation of the application & the participating business is always on the line for each of the coupon being advertised or sold. Situation where customers would use coupons bought in the past had to be restricted and as such, the idea of coupon expiry and deal validity was proposed which allowed the business to specify the last date of the deal of when it can be bought and also the validity of the coupon as to till when can it be used by the customers.
  • The aim of the coupons was to generate new customers for the businesses by providing them with valid discounts for the services they offer. The concerned businesses decided the coupon amount to be set for purchasing. Commission would be earned by the application owner for each coupon being sold with the remaining amount being deposited to the business.


  • All the deals added to the application has a start and due date within which it has to be bought and the coupon expired automatically after the due date has been reached. Admin and business users are provided with privileges to update existing and past deals/coupons as required. Also, the number of coupons of a deal that can be purchased in total and by each of the customers are also available to be specified so that deals are not abused. An existing active deal could also be marked as a prominent deal/coupon which would display it on the home page more prominently. Only one Big Deal could be published for a given duration on the website.
  • The application also allowed the coupons issued to be tracked and maintained so that both the administrator and the business user could view all the coupons that have been send by the Feather and bone application to the customers. The application also provided a section for the customers to login and view their account details and also their purchase history.